Doctors and scientists have the right and duty to collaborate with Public Health Agencies in open transparent hearings!

We are calling for hearings on the following matters:

The Covid Declared Emergency

The flu was called covid and the mortality rate was grossly exaggerated.  Was it really just flu? What made it be perceived as so serious considering its less serious than SARS and less lethal than MERS?

The WHO Covid Guidance To States

Most rational scientists found the WHO’s guidance to be spurious, misleading and outright disinformation. From masks to closing “non essential” business, we want answers.

Climate Change Emergency

The debate has gone on long enough wher UN simply censors the scientists they disagree with.  We would like a civilized hearing with the datasets to study first to disprove UN.

COVID-19 Vaccines

The injection is not a vaccine by legal definition so the science and law at at odds. We call for a hearing to understand the legal-science basis as well as study the safety and efficacy data the UN and WHO rely on to get the product to market where States can procure the biological agent (bioweapon).

Emerging Sciences Risks and Rewards

From AI to geo-engineering to biotechnology and bio-surveillance, it is clear the current scientific landscape has many evolving questions that need to be addressed and the new UN Scientific Advisory Committee agrees.

Pandemic Threshold For Emergency

The WHO changed the definition of pandemic to remove enormous death. Why? What is the proper scientific threshold to declare a “great extraordinary danger” required under common law for emergency decrees? Is WHO alarmists?